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InTech Direct, Inc. is an innovation leader in the card industry since 1996.

InTech became an independent company in 1996.  Originally focused on phone card imaging and packaging, InTech eventually shifted it's focus to gift card manufacturing. As the gift card industry grew exponentially, so did InTech. We now reside in a 60,000 square foot, state of the art, highly secure facility in Wheeling, Illinois, 10 miles North of Chicago's O'hare Airport. In addition to the state of the art equipment typical in our industry, we utilize proprietary patented technologies, ThermaJet, AnyShapes, and robotic assembly to provide the highest quality, most flexible, high volume gift card production to our customers.

Mission Statement

At InTech Direct, our mission is to provide the highest quality and most innovative gift and loyalty card products and services to our customers.

Customer Service

InTech boasts a highly knowledgeable Customer Service Department. Each Customer Service Representative has a thorough understanding of barcodes, data, mag stripe encoding, production processes and our ever-growing capabilities. Contact a member of the Customer Service Team to get your project started!


InTech's proprietary quality control systems, OMNI and IVP build quality into every card and provide documented quality to our customers.

Experienced Manufacturing Staff

InTech boasts the most experienced full-time staff in the card business. The average tenure of our supervisors is in excess of 9 years. Our innovative 24 hour/6 day a week production schedule allows InTech's full-time staff to ramp our production up and meet your tight project deadlines.