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Key Players

Meet our amazing team

Steve Schmitt, President

Steve began his printing career in the commercial web printing business. Quickly recognizing the need for high speed imaging, he founded InTech in 1994. Steve has been an integral part of building the successful InTech Team. He supports the team with process and procedure development, customer strategy and new product design. He holds five patents, four of which involve InTech’s ThermaJet Technology.



Bob Federico, Vice President Sales

Bob brings over 12 years of industry experience. He has extensive project management experience, from beginning concepts, through manufacturing and to final distribution. Bob is an expert in the card manufacturing field and specializes in up and coming print, personalization and packaging technologies. Along with Bob’s engineering background, he has extensive experience in data and transaction processing and designed a distribution system used by many of today’s major retailers.  


Tom Hughes, Vice President of Operations

Tom joined InTech in 2008 bringing with him 26 years of manufacturing experience. He is an expert in managing production flow, production scheduling, and building production teams. As Vice President of Operations at InTech, Tom is leading our production and customer service areas as well as developing new production processes and procedures.


Mark Rosland, Technology Director

Mark has been with InTech since 2002. With his background in Chemistry, Mark has been intimately involved in the development of ThermaJet™. He holds four patents for technology in the industry with numerous patents pending. As Technology Director, Mark is deeply involved in our ongoing research and development efforts, as well as InTech’s proprietary technologies and security.  


Pat Griffin, Customer Service Manager

Pat has been with InTech since 2003. As an experienced Customer Service Representative, Pat has developed trusting relationships with InTech’s clients and has vast knowledge of data and industry products. Her team is focused on making sure projects are managed accurately and quickly promising a fast turnaround.