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Security is a top priority at InTech.  In Semptember of 2012, InTech Direct completed a plant expansion to a 60,000 square foot, state of the art, highly secure facility. InTech's managers were deeply involved in the build out process and designed the plant to meet our clients' data networking and security requirements. InTech's Wheeling facility has enhanced secuity monitoring including photobeam technology. We have added card access at all exterior doors, front office, production plant, and QC and fulfillment areas including employee traceability, and expanded camera monitoring.

Your data remains safe on isolated, secure networks and locked ports. We do not offer wireless networking. Employees at all levels are heavily screened and tested. Also, InTech has implemented several processes and procedures to ensure data security and accuracy.

InTech's plant, personnel, and procedures have been thoroughly tested. We are certified by: SVS, Chase Paymentech, Blackhawk, The Home Depot USA and Mexico, Best Buy and Target Corporation. We welcome your visit and your questions!