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The Plant Size Doubled

InTech officially has expanded. While maintaining it's current facilities, InTech was able to double in size by acquiring the factory, which shared it's building. InTech is now in a new 60,000 square foot plant. We have greatly expanded our capacity and look forward to the flexibility and the opportunities that brings. We encourage our customers – old and new – to visit our new plant and see how things have changed!

Subway Metal Card

Intech Direct was proud to partner with Subway Restaurants to produce their black card. This card, which is given to Subway’s spokespeople and other VIPs, was created using Intech’s advanced Metal card manufacturing process. The card grants its owner free Subway from any of their over eleven thousand locations. For this status symbol, Subway needed a substantive and stylish card and Intech delivered. If you need proof of the cards superior qualities, look at the excitement Jarvis Jones of the Pittsburg Steelers experienced upon receiving one.

Gift with Purchase

Gift’s With Purchase


Today’s gift card industry is cluttered with new innovations such as shaped cards, metal cars, and multipacks. However, there is another way to get your giftcards flying off the selves, the gift with purchase. Imagine your gift card standing out from amongst its peers due to a packet of seeds, a fish lure, or a key chain. With only a minor additional cost, your card can separate itself from the clutter and drive sales. Don't just take our word on it. Check out this interview with the CEO of PEZ candies, he raves about a gift with purchase collaboration of theirs with Target.

Multi-Image Multi-Shape Multi-Pack

Multi-Image Multi-Shape Multi-Pack

InTech Direct is proud to announce our Multi-Image Multi-shape Multi-pack (patent pending). For the first time ever, you can have whatever image or and shape you want on your giftcard and group of these different cards together in one package. Our advanced robotic technology allows us to create this unique product that is sure to delight any potential customer. Finally, all pack assembly is done under the watchful eyes of our OMNI quality control system, to guarantee an error free experience. Now, the possibilities of a gift card multipack are as limitless as your imagination. The next frontier of the gift card world is the shaped card. By combining the shaped card with multi pack technology, InTech is entering a new area of innovation.  Let InTech be your guide to this future.

Metal Card

InTech Direct is proud to announce our new Metal Card. The Metal Card is available in a variety of metals including stainless steel and aluminum, which can be shaped or imprinted.  Now, your loyalty or closed loop gift card can have the prestige that comes with a metallic card for much less than you’d think. Our advanced robotic technology allows us to put either a mag stripe or a bar code on the back of the card. The choice is yours. If you want a card that truly separates you from your competition, then you need the Metal Card. Starbucks created a similar metal card that sold out in minutes.

AnyShape Personalization!

InTech Direct, Inc., the industry leader in innovation and quality, is excited to announce our newest technology: AnyShape Personalization!  Our new, advanced state of the art technology allows us to image ANY SHAPE with the same orientation!  We are no longer bound by “flat edge” requirements.  Footballs, baseballs, coffe cups, pop cans, pumpkins, Christmas trees, animals…..the possibilities are endless!

InTech Introduces MultiPak

InTech Direct, Inc. introduces MultiPak™  a revolutionary packaging concept assembled with proprietary robotic technology.

MultiPak™ allows multiple gift card activations with a single POS transaction. MultiPak™ is available for barcode or mag stripe activated cards.  Cards are bundled in sets of 3, 5, 8 or 10 and offered in several different carrier sizes, ranging from 5 ¼” for third party applications, to 7” where needed.

MultiPak™ offers both a stacked format, showing only the top card in the bundle, and a display format. The display format staggers the cards showing all, or a portion, of each card in the pak.  Both formats are affixed in easy open, yet secure packaging and are packaged using InTech Direct’s triple scan verification process ensuring accuracy within each pak.

“MultiPak™ is ideal for restaurant partners, party favors, and as a cash management tool; there are really an unlimited number of opportunities” says Steve Schmitt, President of InTech Direct.

Intech Introduces ValuPak

ValuPak™ gift with purchase pairs a value added premium item with a single gift card.  The premium item and gift card are clearly shown on a hang hook compatible carrier, allowing for both magnetic stripe and barcode POS valuation.

Examples of premium items include fishing lures, key chains, and golf tees.  ValuPak™ is available in multiple sizes and accommodates your premium item without the need for expensive dies, molds or tooling costs.

Bob Federico, VP of Sales for InTech Direct believes “ValuPak™ is an ideal way for retailers to differentiate themselves and provide more value to their consumers, especially in the current economy.”

The Notebook Card

Introducing InTech’s newest product:  The Notebook Card
The notebook card features a plastic gift card spiral bound as a notebook cover.  
The inside pages can be pre-printed on two sides and have a variety of uses:
Coupons, menus, activity books, coloring books, shopping, wish or gift lists, store locations, or member benefits.  
The Notebook Cards supports both mag stripe and barcode platforms.

Features include:
32 or 48 page notebooks
Two sided printing on all notebook pages
Square or round corner
Loyalty card options available!


Bob Federico Joins InTech Direct, Inc. as VP of Sales

InTech Direct is thrilled to announce that Bob Federico has joined the InTech Team.  Bob brings over 12 years of industry experience.  He has extensive project management experience, from beginning concepts, through manufacturing and to final distribution.  Bob is an expert in the card manufacturing field and specializes in up and coming print, personalization and packaging technologies.  Along with Bob’s engineering background, he has extensive experience in data and transaction processing and designed a distribution system used by many of today’s major retailers. 

InTech President Steve Schmitt on the addition: “Bob’s creativity and success with new product development will expand and enhance what we can offer our clients.  His experience is extensive and he is a huge asset to our team”.

Tom Hughes hired as Operations Manager

Tom brings over 26 years of manufacturing management experience to our team.  He will undoubtedly improve processes and procedures with his production flow expertise.  Tom is excited to join InTech with our expanded capacity and new state of the art plant!