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InTech Introduces MultiPak

InTech Direct, Inc. introduces MultiPak™  a revolutionary packaging concept assembled with proprietary robotic technology.

MultiPak™ allows multiple gift card activations with a single POS transaction. MultiPak™ is available for barcode or mag stripe activated cards.  Cards are bundled in sets of 3, 5, 8 or 10 and offered in several different carrier sizes, ranging from 5 ¼” for third party applications, to 7” where needed.

MultiPak™ offers both a stacked format, showing only the top card in the bundle, and a display format. The display format staggers the cards showing all, or a portion, of each card in the pak.  Both formats are affixed in easy open, yet secure packaging and are packaged using InTech Direct’s triple scan verification process ensuring accuracy within each pak.

“MultiPak™ is ideal for restaurant partners, party favors, and as a cash management tool; there are really an unlimited number of opportunities” says Steve Schmitt, President of InTech Direct.