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MagStrip Encoding

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InTech excels at high-speed ISO quality encoding. HiCo, LoCo, Tracks 1-3, CR80s, snap off cards and key tags, InTech has five high speed Atlantic Zeiser encoding lines with a variety of capabilities. All five are equipped with inline scratch off applications and IVP quality control.

For loyalty card applications, we have extensive trouble free success with the simultaneous encoding of both card and key tag or combo formats. Check our examples below to see what is possible.

How many digits can you get in that mag? How big can my card be? How small can my card be? InTech continues to enhance our encoding capabilities offering unique encoding without compromising quality. Cards AND Tags are not an issue. We can encode 19 digits on that little key tag. In fact, we can encode that little key tag! We can encode your oversized card. And now, enjoy great turn times with our additional capacity card production!

InTech's patented ThermaJet™ technology is available with encoding along with standard Ink Jet and encode.