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Multiple Gift Cards in One Transaction!


MultiPak™ packages several gift cards in a single, secure and attractive package allowing your customers to purchase multiple gift cards with a single POS transaction. 

MultiPak™ is available for barcode or mag stripe activated cards. Cards are bundled in sets of 3, 5 or 8 or 10, although other quantities are available upon request. Paks are affixed in easy open, yet secure packaging that displays the card artwork. InTech's MultiPak resists tampering and is the most secure packaging available.

MultiPak™ offers both a stacked format, showing only the top card in the bundle, or a shingled format, showing all, or a portion, of each card in the pak. Both formats are processed using InTech Direct’s triple scan verification process ensuring accuracy within each pak.

MultiPak™ provides a great solution for party group purchases, small organizational needs, local charities, and small business cash management, just to name a few.

InTech Robotic Technology provides complete flexibility in card size and placement.