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InTech sets the standard. While schedules and dates must be met, they must be met with confidence in quality. InTech has multiple layers of quality checks throughout the production process. These include proprietary software, systems and processes along with the more common electronic card counting systems. We use an audit card, called a Q Record, to run in real time with your project. A Q Record is used to review production quality every 1,000 pieces. It is held for a minimum of three years to prove production quality at any time along the distribution line.

InTech uses an Independent Verification Process (IVP) to scan every card in line, create redo files, review data accuracy and create audit trails.  IVP systems are on every InTech imaging line.   IVP was developed by InTech and updates are added regularly to suit clients ever changing needs.

Offline OMNI QC stations are designed to verify redo accuracy, card placement and card quantity.  Scanning and verification are used at every stage of production to ensure packaging quality and label representation.  Cards are packed and and immediately scanned and tracked by our shipping department for complete chain of custody for your B2B cards.