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Shapes and Sizes

Shapes and Sizes, card manufacturing, card production


You can do that???? We Call it Any Shapes

 From round cards with no edges to cards an inch or more thick, we can, and we have! As different shapes and sizes become mainstream in the gift card world, many retailers are turning to InTech. We have been designing and imaging shapes and sizes for several years with great success.  We have helped our clients launch specialty cards and have continued to find card manufacturing solutions for their new designs.

There is a technology, innovation, skill and experience to get these "extreme" cards to run.  You will never hear "No" at InTech.  We will work with you from the beginning to make your vision runable.  How can we do it?  Easy.  InTech's proprietary card production machines are designed with new concepts in mind.  Does your gift card change shapes? Light Up? Sing Songs? Have moving arms and legs? No problem. You think it; we can image it.

Remember, with new designs and shapes, standard packaging just won't do. InTech has many options to package your special cards. Special boxing, assembly and blister packing are all great options to explore. We're the experts; let us help!