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Therma Jet

Therma Jet, card production

The search is over; InTech’s patented ThermaJet™ process is the most durable imaging technology. With three patents issued and other patents pending, ThermaJet™ was developed to be the most durable system available for imaging key tags. Over the past several years, ThermaJet™ has become a preferred imaging solution for gift and membership cards as well.

ThermaJet's unique printhead technology prints the straightest bars and most readable codes in the business. ThermaJet's "secret sauce" promotes consistency by atomically smoothing the surface of the card prior to imaging. InTech's Proprietary Systems are the most flexible in the card production industry providing a full range of sizes shapes and image area options. With so many changes in gift card design, InTech's expanded single pass imaging area. Means you are no longer limited to a two inch imaging window! 

All seven ThermaJet lines were designed and built by InTech's Technology Department with your cards in mind.  Have you ever stood in a store looking at a gift card and wondered "How did they do that?"?  Most likely, InTech did it! Our ThermaJet lines are flexible enough to image any shape and size you imagine and scratch off is applied right in line for maximum security. Every card run, no matter the size, is put through InTech's rigorous quality control process.