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Loyalty Products

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Key Tags with barcodes, numbers, mags...what fits your needs?

InTech offers loyalty card products in a variety of different shapes and sizes!  What works for your customer?  Do they need three key tags or just one?  Would they like a card for their wallet as well?  What works for your system?  Does your system only read barcodes with complicated algorythms?  Is your software company launching 2D barcode technology?  Does it only work on a mag stripe format?  Regardless of how you answered these questions, InTech has the solutions for you!  We have upgraded, and in some cases pioneered, systems and technology to provide a large variety of card production options.

InTech's ThermaJet™ technology was developed specifically for the loyalty card market. With the highest rated durability, ThermaJet™ is perfect for multiuse loyalty cards and key tags.

InTech has developed and perfected processes for key tag encoding. Intech's customers rely on tens of millions of cards and key tags to perform flawlessly in the field and we have not disappointed. Our Autoreplenish distribution technology improved program execution in the field and provides huge distribution cost savings. Try us for card and tag and three up combos!

Remember that presentation matters to your loyal customers.  Don't forget to think about packaging and distribution!