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Auto-Replenish/Just in Time Fulfillment


With InTech's JIT Fulfillment Program, stores will never run out of inventory.  Usage is analyzed daily or weekly and replenishment cards are sent economically. Using our consolidated, smart shipping process, SKUs close to reorder points are also fulfilled to avoid future, additional freight charges.  Extremely detailed reports are immediately uploaded to a web based dashboard system. Our customers achieve better retail execution with fewer printed cards.


B2B/B2C Fulfillment


InTech's B2B and B2C programs offer customizable solutions.  We understand that order sizes vary and can image, match affix, straight affix, fold and offer secure storage for any size order. With careful planning we offer same day turn times and proprietary, rigorous quality checks to ensure accuracy.


Store Distribution


InTech also offers more responsive, faster to market Push Fulfillment Store Distribution. Our customers dictate exactly how many cards each store will receive. Card and store numbers are uploaded to a secure, web based system allowing our clients the ability to monitor cards and shipments through the delivery process. Where your sleepy warehouse might take days to respond, we can ship product the same day it is complete.

Sleep well at night... we do.

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