An innovation leader in the gift card industry since 1996.

Magstrip Encoding, Card Production


InTech excels at high-speed ISO quality encoding. HiCo, LoCo, Tracks 1-3, CR80s, snap off cards and key tags, InTech has five high speed Atlantic Zeiser encoding lines with a variety of capabilities. All five are equipped with inline scratch off applications and IVP quality control.




Intech Pick and Place affixing systems offer the most accurate and flexible solution for flat carrier assembly. We have multiple affixing systems to handle the big and small projects. InTech Robotic assembly allows accurate, efficient placement of any shape anywhere on your carrier.


Pick and place affixing systems allow us the flexibility for not only standard CR80 cards, but all shapes and sizes and thicknesses. And, a 24/6 operation gets it done!


InTech continues to lead the industry in gift card packaging innovation. InTech blister packaging opens the door to expanding the value proposition to the consumer. InTech will guide your gift with purchase options, and multiple card packs and other innovative ideas.


RFID Encoding


Intech is one of the few companies that can encode both Hi and Low frequency RFID transponders.


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